Back to School! Back to Work…

I’ve always been a truly terrible blogger. But as social media trends start to escape me (what the heck is Tik Tok?), I’m starting to be grateful for this little platform of my own. I think a lot of writers get to this point, and well, now I’m here.

So I’m going to try to use this space more often to keep readers up to date on what I’m working on. Today I’ve officially announced my first non-fiction book (on writing genre fiction series). It’s coming out on Christmas Eve–and it’s already up for pre-order at the major ebook retailers, including Amazon, which previously only allowed 90 day pre-orders for indie authors, but they’ve recently (like, this week) changed that. YAY!

I’m very excited. This also means a change to how I do…everything. I’m taking a firm look at my 2020 calendar now and locking things in.

What have I locked in so far?

The first book in the new Pine Harbour series is committed to release on April 21, 2020, and I’ve already set up that pre-order. And by Christmas time, I’ll know if I’m going to alternate that with a new Navy SEAL series, or if I will writing the PH series in more of a straight line.

I’ve also plotted in the last book in my Ainsley Booth series, Forbidden Bodyguards. Filthy Liar will release on May 19, 2020. And I’m going to plan out the rest of my Ainsley releases soon. 2020 is going to be the year of (almost) zero surprises!

So that’s my update for this week! Next week I’ll have the full list of pre-orders for All That They Desire, and I’ll try to remember to blog a bit about that book, and the whole Wardham series, before it releases on Sept 24.

Happy Sunday,


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