Pine Harbour

Small town military romance, set on the craggy shores of the Bruce Peninsula, where cottage country slides into northern living: men in uniform, women with big dreams, and the breathtaking passion that explodes when they come together. Explore more about the town and characters at!



Sexy small town romantic comedy with a Canadian flavour!

SEALs Undone

Big, tough Navy SEALs come undone for the women who they fall hard for. These stories are light on conflict, big on romance, and short enough to read in a single night.

Camp Firefly Falls

Pitching tents since 2016! Sweet, sexy romantic comedies set at an adult summer camp—it’s Dirty Dancing meets Indian Summer.


Hot Caribbean Nights

There’s nothing sexier than a sultry Caribbean romance—except maybe a series of them, each starring a different Navy SEAL.


Vikings in Space

Viking passion meets Wild West adventure in space in Zoe’s signature mix of sexy and sweet connections between characters you can relate to.