Love in a Small Town


Six years. Two break-ups. One divorce.

They should be over each other.

For two years, Olivia has served her ex-husband coffee at the diner where she works, and waited for her heart to catch up to her brain. Because they were divorced now, and for good reasons. He wasn’t ever going to change. He’d always be a cop first, a soldier second, and a husband third, when there was time.

Rafe didn’t believe in love at first sight until he met Olivia, and then he was a goner. They’d been too young, too reckless, but that hadn’t stopped him from bringing her home to Pine Harbour, where there was nothing for her to do while he saved the world.

Then it all fell apart. And now…

He never stopped loving his wife, but he let her go when it became clear he wasn’t what she needed. Rafe wants a second chance to prove he can be the man she wanted when they fell in love. And Olivia still wants Rafe despite all the excellent reasons why she shouldn’t. She deserves more than a part-time lover who once broke her heart.

They should be over each other…but they aren’t.

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