Sexy small-town romantic comedy with a Canadian flavour!

Wardham was my first series, the first set of books to bring me readers, and it’s fictional setting on the shores of Lake Erie is also the closest of all my series to where I actually live. This is the series I wrote before I found out that small town romances weren’t supposed to have the heat of erotic romances. Nobody told me! And I’m glad they didn’t. I love the fresh, modern take on the HEA endings with lots of open door romance, AND the heartwarming connections on Main Street, too. All of my favourite things in books, and I think it shows to readers that like that sort of thing. This will always be my ‘home’, so to speak, and I’ve got future plans for series set in the same community, too.Zoe York

I get asked about the reading order for this series a lot, because What Once Was Perfect (now book 2) was the first book I published. Long story short, not all the retailers like a 0.5 numbering, which is really how I think about Between Then and Now. It’s a prequel novella and I wrote it after What Once Was Perfect. You can start with either of them. They’re both free to download at all retailers! Personally, I would start with What Once Was Perfect and then go back.

After that, Where Their Hearts Collide, When They Weren’t Looking, Beyond Love and Hate and No Time Like Forever are all standalone novels, but I would recommend reading Where Their Hearts Collide before No Time Like Forever for the family context. Other than that, no particular reading order is required (but the Karen from Where Their Hearts Collide gets married in When They Weren’t Looking).

Perfect No Matter What, Beneath These Bright Stars and Forever Begins With a Kiss are all wedding stories for couples from the past books. They are standalone stories about moments in time, but they aren’t new romances about new couples.

All That They Desire, the last book in the series, is a standalone as well, but Evan’s story is set up throughout the other books, so while you could read it on its own, I think better to at least read Between Then and Now, When They Weren’t Looking, Beyond Love and Hate and Beneath These Bright Stars first.

Got any questions? Email me at zoeyorkwrites@gmail.com. This series was my first kick at the can, and honestly, it’s a bit complicated to follow! I’ve learned since then!

Another way to look at this series is like this:
Between Then and Now: Carrie and Ian
What Once Was Perfect: Laney and Kyle
Where Their Hearts Collide: Karen and Paul
When They Weren’t Looking: Evie and Liam
Perfect No Matter What: Laney and Kyle again!
No Time Like Forever: Chase and Mari
Beneath These Bright Stars: Evie and Liam again!
Forever Begins with a Kiss: Chase and Mari again!
All That They Desire: Evan, Jess and Brent