Perfect No Matter What


They keep meaning to say I do…

Laney and Kyle lost each other once. Now they’ve found a way back together, and nothing will break them apart. But real life—two busy careers, nosy family members, and very different priorities for their oft-discussed yet still hypothetical wedding—keeps them from formalizing the forever they promised each other more than a year ago.

A business trip for Kyle and a last-minute rearranging of Laney’s schedule provides the perfect fantasy escape to re-focus on what really matters.

WARNING: This book starts with a blow-job and just gets dirtier from there. Because who ever said that filthy sex and sweet wedding vows weren’t compatible?

Perfect No Matter What is a short story sequel to What Once Was Perfect, the first novel in Zoe York’s Wardham series. It can be read on its own as the culmination of a HEA romance. It was originally published in the Love Is… anthology.

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