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First of all, I need to confess that I am the worst blogger ever. I use this space inconsistently at best. If you want to hear from me regularly, I recommend signing up for my newsletter or joining my Facebook reader group. That being said, every so often my blog is an excellent place to put a LOT of information in one place, so here goes! A blog post about all things Camp Firefly Falls. I have three military romances set at adult summer camp in this world that I want to make sure all of my readers know about!

A new Rom Com! Silver Fox Hero!

First up, the highlight BIG NEWS: I have a new book coming out this week in the Firefly Falls series! It’s called Ambushed by Love, and it’s a sexy, happy story of a SEAL widower finding a very unexpected second love. CFF-Cover-Zoe-2018This is the third book I’ve written inside the Camp Firefly Falls series with a Navy SEAL hero, so starting now, I’m calling this the “SEALs at Camp” series inside a series. Why? Because this series is really long now, and it’s written by a bunch of different authors. I want my readers to have as much clarity as possible about how my books are connected, how they relate to the other books in this world, and what the reading order is. All of those answers are below!

[Ambushed by Love releases Friday, July 13, 2018, and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo and Google Play. It’s $2.99 USD/CAD, $3.99 AUD, and 1.99 in the UK]

Sweet confession time: This book wasn’t the story I’d originally planned to write for Camp Firefly Falls this year. But Grace and Frank got under my skin and when I started writing, I didn’t stop until their book was done. My husband did an editing pass on this (a first!), and he said there’s a lot of me in it. I’m so glad I wrote it.


The first “SEALs at Camp” story, Skinny Dipping Dare, is now FREE for a limited time!

Skinny Dipping DareIf you haven’t read Tegan and Wyatt’s book yet, now is the time to grab a copy and start the “SEALs at Camp” mini-series.

Navy SEAL Wyatt Henderson had signed up for a guys-only week of fishing and hiking and beer at his buddy’s favourite camp in the Berkshires. Nobody said anything about campfire songs and kitchen duty and crafts at noon. Retro Throwback Week at Camp Firefly Falls is almost enough to drive him around the bend, and that’s before the beautiful hippie in the girls’ cabin next door decides he’s no fun.

Tegan Bennett can’t stand the insufferable, grumpy, gorgeous military man who wakes up every morning at dawn and takes up far too much space in her general vicinity. So when he throws down a dare, she takes it—and lobs him one of his own. It’s on like Donkey Kong. Camp rules? Out the window. Along with her bikini top.

Is one week at summer camp enough to turn his frown upside down and tame her wild spirit? A lighthearted, sexy, opposites attract romp complete with a midnight dining hall ice cream raid.

Skinny Dipping Dare is available at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Google Play. I’d recommend reading it before Ambushed by Love, for sure. We see a lot of Tegan and Wyatt in the new release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to read the other books in the Firefly Falls series? The ones by other authors?
Nope. My books stand alone. But if you are interested in trying some of the others, I think you’d like them. Kait Nolan’s Second Chance Summer was nominated for a RITA award this year; Jamie Wesley’s books are about siblings who each discover love at camp, one after another. When in doubt, try the “look inside” feature on the book retailers and see which ones grab you.

Q: What is the reading order for your Firefly Falls books?
Winning Back His Wife (this is the origin story for camp, Camp Firefly Falls #1)
Skinny Dipping Dare (SEALs at Camp #1, Camp Firefly Falls #4)
Take a Chance on Me (SEALs at Camp #2, Camp Firefly Falls #12)
Ambushed by Love (SEALs at Camp #3, Camp Firefly Falls #21)

Q: Is this series complete?
The Camp Firefly Falls world at large will continue, for sure! There are four more books releasing this year, for example. I haven’t decided if I’ll write more SEALs at Camp. If you enjoy the series and would like more, please let me know!

Q: Why/how did you end up sharing a world with so many other authors?
That’s Gwen Hayes’ fault! She wanted to write a story set an adult summer camp, but only one, and yet she saw it as a whole series. She told a few author friends about it, and we all wanted to write a book or maybe two…and so the shared world was born. Fun Fact: Heather and Michael Tully, the couple in Winning Back His Wife, have that last name because Gwen and I met in a Tully’s coffeeshop in Seattle back in September 2015 to talk about the ideas for that book!


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  1. I really enjoy your books. They are a fun, quick read. Just what I need in my hectic life! Keep up the good work!

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  2. Love, love, love your books! You’re one of my favorite authors & there’s nothing like curling up in my favorite recliner with a nice cup of coffee & one of your books😊💖

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