Coming up in 2020

Some of you may have noticed the banner at the top of my site has changed! Now there’s a link to the series page for The Kincaids of Pine Harbour, the next Pine Harbour series. Book 1 is up for pre-order at Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble, and as usual, Kobo and Google Play will come later.

(As a side note, some readers ask why I delay Kobo and Google Play: they require a book file when I set up the pre-order; the other retailers do not. And in the past, we’ve had problems with the earlier file being sent out on release instead of the latest, finished book. So I wait until I have the finished book file for those two sites.)

Also coming next year: more Wardham. But if you’ve read yesterday’s new release to the very end, you’ll know that I’m starting a new series set in the same town, and it’s called… Whisper Beach. No firm release dates for that yet. But there are covers you can look at!

And finally, the last thing I’ll tease for next year is that I’m working on a co-written book with a British friend!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a standalone, and YES, the heroes are British, and YESSSS I said heroes, plural. MMF, here we go again.

Of course, my alter-ego Ainsley Booth has books coming out next year as well. I’m wrapping up the Forbidden Bodyguards series with Jason’s book in May, and hopefully we’ll be able to finish Bull of the Woods in the spring. After that…I’m not sure. Have you read Ainsley? What would you like to read next?

Book Signings in 2020

I have two book signings planned for next year so far, the North Iowa Book Bash in April and Four Brits Book Fest in July. I keep my Meet Zoe page up to date with signing information, and am always open to invitations if you have a favourite signing you can recommend to me!

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