From the Cutting Room Floor: Sexy Outtake #1 from All That They Desire

The other day I shared a This Book by the Numbers post in my Facebook reader group, and then posted that today as well on Twitter. One of the stats I shared was that this book has four complete-ish sex scenes that didn’t make it into the final version of All That They Desire. I’m going to share them here on my blog, over the next four days, but WARNING: THEY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE BOOK. So only read them once you finish (or right now, if you are a chaotic bunny who likes spoilers, that’s okay!).

Example #1. This is a scene I wrote a few years ago, because this book existed in parts forever!!!. I tried to massage into the final draft, but the timeline was off for where the seasons ended up landing. My favourite bit about this, the flannel nighty with all the buttons, doesn’t make sense for the height of summer, and by the time winter rolls around in the book, they’re all living together. (I TOLD YOU THERE WERE SPOILERS, TURN BACK NOW) Same with the roaring fire and hot chocolate. But it’s a nice alternate timeline set of events! Enjoy.

If you have read the book, this would take place between ch 26 and 27, except only if those chapters happened in the fall or winter. FLANNEL AND FIRES don’t mix with the start of summer.

THE NAP happened by accident.

It started with a phone call as Evan pulled out of a Starbucks drive through, fuelling up for the four-hour drive home from Toronto. “Hey,” he said, tapping the controls on his steering wheel. “What’s up?”

“Looking at a super quiet last hour on my shift,” Brent said, his voice louder in the car than it probably was on the other end of the call. “I’m getting some fresh air outside and thought I’d give you a call.”

“Nice to hear your voice.” Evan hit the gas, accelerating onto the on-ramp. “I’m on the highway and I’ve got time to chat if you want.”

“Where are you going?”

“Come from the city. Heading home.”

“Nice.” Brent paused. “I can’t talk long, but I wanted to say hi.”

Evan glanced at the clock. “I’m probably two hours from London, do you want to hang out?”

“Uh…” Brent exhaled. “The thing is, my place is a basement apartment with zero privacy from my landlord. It’s not really date-friendly, despite what he says.”

Evan chuckled. “All right. I thought I’d try.”

“I’ll be in Wardham tomorrow. After I catch some rest.”

A reckless, heady thought occurred to Evan. “You want me to pick you up? It doesn’t matter if you’re tired. I’ll drive, you can snooze next to me. Whenever you need to head back, one of us can drive you.”

“I—” Evan heard Brent suck in a breath. Then he exhaled. “Sure. You know what? Yeah. That would be awesome. See you soon.”

Brent texted him the address, and it popped up on the navigation screen. Did Evan want the computer to recalculate directions? He sure as fuck did.


The new build neighbourhood where Brent lived wasn’t far from the highway. When Evan pulled up, Brent was in the driveway, sitting on the back of his pick-up truck. He waved, hopped down, then closed the tailgate before sauntering over. He had a duffle bag in one hand. 

Evan rolled down the passenger side window. “Pop that in the back.”

When Brent slid into the front seat, he waited until the car’s interior light dimmed, then leaned over and gave Evan a soft, lingering kiss. “This was great timing.”

“I’m glad to have company for the second half of the drive.”

“You’re away a lot, aren’t you?”

“Constantly. I have a condo in the city I use.”


Evan shook his head and laughed. “Really, not. It’s a basic bachelor pad.”

Brent notched his thumb at the house beside them. “I promise I have that beat in there.”

Evan dropped his hand to Brent’s thigh and squeezed. “Tell me all about it on the drive.”

It would have been fine if Brent fell asleep. But he didn’t. They talked the whole way, Evan’s passenger yawning more as they got closer to home.

“Do you want me to drop you at Jess’s place?”

Brent worked his jaw back and forth before answering. “You okay with me crashing with you? She’d like that, probably.” 

“Of course.” 

Brent pulled out his phone and fired off a quick text message. Out of the corner of Evan’s eye, he saw the message bubbles fly across the screen. “Yeah, she says she’s going to try to get up early for a Pilates class, and she’s already in bed. Head-to-toe flannel.”

“That sounds really cute,” Evan growled. “Ask if it’s got lots of little buttons to play with.”

“I’m not going to—” Brent shifted in his seat. “Fine.” He cleared his throat, and though it was dark in the car now, dark outside, Evan knew his lover was blushing. “She says buttons up the front, keep your mitts off them.”

Evan shot a quick glance at Brent’s own plaid shirt. Wool, not flannel, but plenty of buttons there. “I’ll slowly undo your buttons instead.”

“Yeah?” Brent grinned at him.”We should film that and show it to her tomorrow.” He always wanted to include Jess in everything they did.

Evan liked that. No, he loved it. He dropped his hand on Brent’s thigh again and rubbed his fingers over the flexing muscles there. “Sounds like a plan.”

His place was cool after a few days of standing empty, the thermostat turned down to conserve energy. They both kept their heavy outer layers once they were inside.

“Straight to bed, or do you want something warm and cuddle in front of the fire?”

“Something warm like…”

Evan grinned. “Whiskey? Decaf coffee?”

“Any chance you’ve got hot chocolate?” Brent’s eyes lit up like a schoolboy.

“As a matter of fact…” Evan went back out to the garage and returned with an overflowing gift basket from the corporate event he’d been at. A major high-end chocolate company had been the sponsor. “I’ve got cocoa packets and just regular chocolate as well.”


He put the kettle on, then cranked on the fireplace and dug out some oversized cozy blankets. As he was making the hot chocolate, his phone rang.

He glanced at the screen. “My brother,” he said. “Sorry.”

“Go.” Brent picked up the mugs. “I’ll be in front of the fireplace.”

When Evan returned five minutes later, he found the cocoa untouched and Brent fast asleep. He’d stripped down to his t-shirt and boxers and snuggled under a blanket, so Evan did the same. Suddenly bone-weary, and not interested in sleeping alone—or trying to move a hundred-and-eighty-pounds of firefighter—he pulled out one of the back cushions, making room for both of them to snooze on the couch.


Brent woke with a start. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep. One minute he was stripping down, ready for Evan to take complete advantage of him after a wholesome mug of hot chocolate, the next his eyes were heavy, and after that—dunzo.


Behind him, Evan snored softly. Two grown men camping out on a couch instead of the king-sized bed in Evan’s room.

It was kind of funny. And sweet, because it meant that after he crashed, Evan snuggled up, which hit Brent right in the soft spot in his chest. He closed his eyes and tried to sink back into much-needed rest, but whatever had woken him up had done too good a job. He was now awake, fully, at least for a little bit.

His nose was cold, which warned him not to throw off the blanket too hastily. Instead, he rolled onto his back and tried to assess where the other blanket was. Evan had grabbed two of them… If he could grab that, and wiggle out from under this one…

But as he rolled, his hip rubbed against Evan’s sleeping-but-very-much-aroused cock.


That would be what had woken him up.


Evan’s heavy arm slide over Brent’s waist. “Where you going?” he mumbled. “Want you.”

Fuck, yes. Arousal pooled, hot and urgent, in Brent’s balls. Slid through his cock making it stiff. He turned all the way around and slid down Evan’s body, his mouth watering.

If he was going to wake the other man up in the middle of the night, it was going to be with his mouth.

Evan’s hands raked into Brent’s hair, rough and bossy in his half-asleep state. Brent had barely gotten Evan’s cock out of his briefs before the thick, come-slicked head was pushed against his lips. He opened eagerly, swallowing the thick length down. One of his greatest joys about bringing their lover into their marriage was learning all of this with Evan. Figuring out how to relax his throat, breathe in synch with the thrusts. And he got to learn it for Evan, just exactly how he liked it.

Maybe he hadn’t had the lovers that others might have in his younger days, but he was living his best fucking life right now. His wife, his lover, and more intimacy than he ever imagined possible.

The quiet of Evan’s house in the middle of the night made for a wildly sexy setting for a wake-up blow job. The low, shaky moan he let out amplified that a thousand times. Brent rose up on all fours, reaching down to fist his own erection as Evan fucked his face, now wide awake and verbal as hell.

“That’s it, yeah. Swallow me. All of it. Jeez, yes. Fuck. Love your mouth. Love you. So much. So glad you came home with me. Want you so much.” It was an endless, husky babble that charged Brent up, made him work faster, harder. Pre-come spilled against his tongue with each thrust, the scent of Evan working on a primal part of his brain.

More. Mine. More. Now.

He let go of himself so he could use both of his hands to stroke between Evan’s legs. It didn’t take much to send his lover over the edge, his ass cheeks were super sensitive to any touch, and Brent relaxed his throat, swallowing reflexively until Evan’s cock stopped twitching against his tongue.

“Come here,” Ev said thickly.

When Brent didn’t scramble up the couch fast enough, Evan hauled him up so he could straddle Ev’s face.

Being manhandled never got old. Brent shivered as he gazed down as his lover, at his cock sliding over Evan’s lips. He was already close, and the wet, soft heat of Evan’s mouth took him the rest of the way in a few hungry slurps. 

His hips jerked helplessly as Ev milked the climax out of him, then he slumped to the side, spent and so fucking happy. “Can we go to bed now?”

Brent laughed weakly. “Yeah.”

Evan stumbled to his feet first, then held out his hand. He hauled Brent up, then kissed him hard on the mouth. They both tasted like come, like sex and love.

“Love you,” he whispered.

Evan squeezed him tight.

Want more outtakes? I’ve got three other scenes that didn’t make it into the book! Let me know in the comments which you’d like to see next (this one was Wake Up from a Nap):

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