Writing Resources

My sister and I host a sporadic podcast, aptly named The SisterCast, where we talk about all the things we have in common: marketing, pop culture, parenting, and of course being sisters.

You can find our podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and through the player right on our website. Writers might want to jump to the Marketing Breakout Sessions in the middle, a four-part workshop I also present at writing conferences.


I also have a set of non-fiction writing books, which have their own dedicated website, Romance Your Brand.

Romance Your Brand developed from an online course I delivered on how to tighten up a genre fiction series idea and turn it into a commercial product.

This book covers:

high-concept pitches
taglines and blurbs
world building and casts of characters
writing the first book in a series
finding comparable series and covers
how to write towards future marketing
and why ALL OF THE ABOVE should be considered before you write a single word